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At KF Forestry we carry out all aspects of arboricultural operations to the highest standards of industry best practice including pruning, dismantling, technical felling and green waste disposal.

What we do

Experts in Tree Surgery

At KF Forestry, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in dismantling and technical felling. It takes an enormous amount of skill and experience to perform crown reduction, thinning and cleaning. In a manner that achieves both the client’s aims and is sympathetic to the physiology and appearance of the tree.

Professional Formative Pruning

Formative pruning can prolong a tree’s life while reducing hazards inherent in the crown, promoting growth or softening the impact the tree has on the surrounding area. When done poorly it can damage a tree such that it may never recover. It can introduce problems into the crown, stressing the tree to the point of terminal decline and can destroy the tree’s natural aesthetic.


Often trees, especially in an urban setting, can present extreme difficulties in their removal. Limited access and risk to surrounding property lead to some of the most technical arboricultural works.

Experienced Professionals

We have a proven track record in tree removals in the most demanding of circumstances.

Reduce Risks

We carry liability insurance tailored to cover the specific risks involved in these tasks to give our clients complete peace of mind.

After The Job is Done


Green Waste Disposal

KF Forestry offers a range of solutions for green waste disposal. Whether branch wood is to be chipped to site by a tracked chipper or removed completely in custom built chip trucks for responsible off-site disposal.


Leave It To Us

For larger projects we utilise our low impact 8 wheel Novotny forwarder to extract timber to roadside where we can organise its transport off site. The Novotny gives us the ability to move large volumes of round timber whilst minimising the damage to the site with its small footprint and low ground pressure.

We’ve Been Managing Woodlands For Over 20 years

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